George Heitczman – Pennsylvania Attorney:

“I almost hurt myself when I opened it up. Not because it is sharp, which it is, but because I almost fell over in awe at the wonderful job that you have done. The sheath is also magnificent and the combination is absolutely breathtaking.”

“It is truly a masterpiece. And, I do not use that word lightly. I enjoy words and word origins, and the origin of ‘masterpiece’ is traceable back to the guilds when you had apprentices, journeymen, and masters. In addition to everything else you had to do to be classified as a master, you had to produce a superior quality work in your field, whatever that might be, whether it be clock making, barrel making, or knife making. Such a work was called the “masterpiece” and if it was good enough, you were then classified as a master. It is in that exact sense that I call the knife that you made for me a ‘masterpiece.’ It is exactly what I would have produced if I had the skills to do so. When you are an entire continent away and produce an item that exactly fits the mental concept of another person, that’s awesome. I just may spend the entire day admiring it.”

Geoffrey Donne: Executive Producer, Artists on the Attack Productions:

“Oh my GAWD!! Or, perhaps a more vulgar delivery……HOLY SH*%! Or, more eloquent….perhaps for your web publicity….”

“Bear Bone Knives represent the pinnacle of the knife maker’s craft. Our experience represents one of the rare occasions when desires are eclipsed by reality….Rick was accommodating, personable and utterly professional. On a tight deadline for a film project, he delivered us a custom bowie knife to our design specifications, and then ventured beyond our expectations. The resulting piece, which will be prominently featured in close up detail, surpassed our hopes in every imaginable way, balance, design proportion, artistry and quality of craftsmanship are of the highest order. Above all, the knife feels alive in the hand’ and seems to possess it’s own character and power.”

“Whether you are a collector looking for a custom heirloom piece to hand down through generations, a re-enactor hoping for jealous stares or a professional searching for a one of a kind lethal tool, Bear Bone Knives represents your ultimate destination.”

Tom Rickman (SASS aka “Palewolf Brunelle”), Oregon:

“Howdy pard! Words fail me…that fantastic knife is WAY beyond what I envisioned and the sheath is absolutely gorgeous as well! Grand kudos to a true artist! Thank you for sending it asap! I’ll be wearing it to the ARPC annual meeting and banquet tonight! I was able to take a couple of photos so I could get some shots into my files for braggin’ and insurance purposes. Thanks again for such a wonderful expression of your craft.”
Letter from Richard Fite:

“After anxiously waiting, I finally received my custom Bear Bone knife. I can only say that I was not at all prepared, after I made it through all the packaging, for the work of art that lay inside! I didn’t have any idea what to expect…..and am I ever impressed!! The craftsmanship, intricate work, and shear beauty of this piece is absolutely amazing!! Now my wife (an avid outdoorsman and horse owner) wants one of her own so don’t be surprised if you get some knife sketches in the mail asking for your advice and input! And, I thought this was a guys-only thing!! As I look at this knife, I am in a turmoil whether I can see myself gutting fish out on my boat or using it in my daily work at the marina….Hmmm….Maybe I should think about another?? Rick, thank you for producing such a beautiful knife and I wish you well in your endeavors as a “Master Craftsman”. Count me in as a Bear Bone fan forever!”

Gary Fererro of New York:

“Hello Rick.… happy holidays to you and your family. Upon receiving “KNIVES 2002” as a Christmas gift, I was not surprised to come across three of your pieces displayed between it’s pages. I was surprised however to see that one of them is my ivory handled fighter/bowie. I knew our collective efforts produced a winner, but never dreamed that I would own a knife featured in a publication. Congratulations to you! I loved that knife from the moment I laid eyes on it and admire it daily, but I believe my pride of ownership was just kicked up a couple of notches.” Thanks and best regards.

Gary Class:

“Hey Rick….I love it!! Took it [knife] to work with me tonight and everybody loved it. Most the deputies would like to live a hundred or so years ago and like the idea of what a knife back then would be like to tote around. The only fault I can find is, like peanuts, one is not enough. I’ll be calling ya next week with another order. You are keeping me short of mad money but then again I ain’t mad. Keep up the good work. My wife said she didn’t think anything that deadly should be allowed to be so pretty. Thanks again hoss. Be talking with ya.”

Geg Allen:

“Rick…Once again I have to thank you for an INCREDIBLE BOWIE! I can really appreciate the skill, time, effort and history behind this blade. It’s something I have always wanted to have and none of my other knives, guns or really any of my possessions can compare to this knife. There is something special about a handmade piece of art like this that makes it one of a kind. I’m already planning the next one. I would like to stay in touch and maybe stop by someday. Thanks again. It’s nice to meet someone of character, especially in today’s world.”

John Pytel:

“Rick….I just received your package…I am at a loss for words…That is one of the finest custom knives I’ve ever laid my hands on. This is an impressive package. Your pictures on your website does not do your product justice---it’s an unbelievable site. My wife brought in the package and wouldn’t leave for work until I opened it. Now she wants to order one for her dad. The leather sheath is perfect. I started laughing because it squeaked. It reminded me of the old leather “Sam Brownes” we used to wear in the old days. Old Pueblo Leather was perfect. My only problem…I can’t use this knife out in the field---it’s too damn pretty. But, what the heck, guess I’ll have to order another one. You do some really fine work Rick---many, many thanks. So…wife and I are going to want to order one for her dad and I’ll talk with you some more about a custom survival knife. Best wishes and thank you.”

David Wood:

“Okay, so the first 5 or 6 words out of my mouth were, WOW!...followed by a resounding COOL, then another WOW! You did a fantastic job on this piece young man. Absolutely beautiful! I have never seen anything like that bullseye Damascus. And, the color of it is even more amazing. Very, very cool indeed. And, the sheath---I love the sheath as well. All your fine work has exceeded my expectations and I am one very pleased customer. Thanks so much for your quality craftsmanship. Look forward to another endeavor after taxes. All the best to ya’ll up there on the Rogue.”

Carl Meinken:

“Hi Rick…The knife arrived today safe and sound. I was on pins and needles all day. This knife is more beautiful than I ever imagined. You are truly an artist. This is the first custom knife I’ve owned and I’m super happy it was one of yours!! The photos on your website are beautiful, but holding one in hand is incredible. To say I’m happy is an understatement. I don’t have the words to describe how excited and happy I am to be the proud owner of one of your works of art. Maybe I’ll get to meet you at a SASS event or something and I’ll try to tell you in person, but I still won’t have the words. Thank you very much!!! The Happiest Bear Bone Knife Customer In The World.”

Michael Schneider of Nebraska:

“Hey Rick…Well, I just got home tonight and your knife was here. I want you to know it is perfect! The fit & finish, the look and over-all feel is just what I was looking for! I really love the sheath as well. Couldn’t be better!!! I will still be interested in placing another order with ya here in the near future. Thanks again for all your work and input. Take care and talk soon.”

Don Nadeau of Connecticut:

“Well old friend….You out did yourself….the balance, workmanship, style…perfection of the highest standard. When I hold both of them, I feel a connection like two brothers. Only you could do this magic. I don’t know what to say, but I’m very happy. Thank you from the deepest part of my soul. 28 years on the fire dept. rescue truck…I always had a hook or lucky charm. I felt nothing could hurt me so I was an aggressive firefighter and stayed out of harms way. This is what I wanted to give my son…in the form of one of your knives...a lucky charm with magic inside. I know when you made them, you did think of what I wanted them to do and I believe they will keep them out of harms way.”

Rick’s testimonial, hard copy, file folder is almost 2 inches thick and these testimonial letters come from all parts of the world.