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My Style or Your Style

In ordering a custom knife, you can pick from the knives you see on my web site or mix and match the patterns and features you see in my knife gallery. You can also provide me with a knife pattern or design that you developed. Send me a good picture or sketch of it and I can quote you a price that will be based on the prices you see on this web site. All Bear Bone knives are handcrafted by Rick Smith from start to finish. Every Bear Bone custom knife is photographed and documented to insure it's authenticity and collector value. In the end, there is no substitute for the personal touch a bladesmith can impart to a finely crafted knife.


To initiate the making of a custom Bear Bone knife, a deposit of half the total price quote is required. Payment can be in the form of a money order, certified cashiers check or personal check. The second half payment is due upon completion of the knife and prior to shipping. Knife will be shipped on the same day the second payment is received unless payment is by personal check. Personal checks are held ten days until clear, then knife is sent. If you prefer to make one payment in advance, a personal check is fine since it will clear long before the knife is finished. In which case, knife will be shipped the day it is completed. Please make checks payable to Rick Smith, Bear Bone Knives. Preferred shipping method is U. S. Priority Mail insured.


It is very hard to judge when a customer's knife will be done. Based on difficulty factors and special time consuming features, a knife may take longer than anticipated. I seem to always have a backlog of custom knives to work on, but they are always completed in the same order in which the respective deposits were received. The important thing is that your knife be done right. Patience is always appreciated by craftsmen of any trade.

Rick Smith, Knifemaker
SASS # 10719

Note: Except for custom knives made pursuant to customer design specifications, there is a 10 day inspection/return policy in effect for all new knives starting from time of delivery.
Rick Smith, WBA Mastersmith, CBA member, member of Jefferson Smiths and member of Oregon Knife Collectors Association


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