Bearbone Knives

Commitment to Knife Making Excellence!

Heirloom quality, custom, handmade knives for sportsmen, reenactors and collectors by Master Bladesmith Rick “Bear Bone” Smith. Many contemporary and antique designs to choose from. Blades are properly heat treated and tempered to hold an edge and last a life time. Whether you select one of my knife patterns or submit an original design of your own, the knife I make will be crafted to perfection.

All Bear Bone Blades are constructed for tough use under harsh conditions. Add a Bear Bone Knife to your collection or use it everyday in the field. Like a time tested, loyal friend, Bear Bone custom knives will never let you down and each knife comes with a
lifetime guarantee!bearbone

Check out my Gallery. All the knives you see there have been handcrafted by Master Knifemaker Rick Smith. Bear Bone Knives have been featured in BLADE magazine, numerous KNIVES annual editions, California Blacksmith Association quarterly, various newspapers, The Cowboy Chronicle, SHOOT magazine and others. Bear Bone Knives are sought after by collectors and hobbyists from all walks of life and inmany foreign countries since 1996.

So, make yourself comfortable and browse the knife gallery to your heart’s delight. Should you have any knife questions, contact Master Bladesmith “Bear Bone” (Rick Smith) at- 541-582-4144 ....or follow the Oregon Trail to the town of Rogue River and Bear Bone Forge.